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 If you are wondering who am I?, I am a passionate natural gems and jewellery business since 1992.A qualified Gemologist F.G.A and Diamond Grader D.G.A .Member of the Gemological Association of Great Britain. Well OVER 30 YEARS I HAVE TRIED, TESTED, RESEARCHED AND EXPERIMENTED ALL TYPES OF GEMSTONES WITH A VAST KNOWLEDGE OF THEiR MENTAL, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL BENEFITS.After 31years of intensive research, testing and development I'm giving you the keys to unravel the mysteries of gemstone benefits. I who’ll work around the clock 24/7 to help you find the gem stone and designer jewellery that brings a smile to your face. Perceive me as true friend who’ll help you to make your special moment a life time precious memory. At Certified jewellery, my business is more than money it’s about making people happy and my wonderful customer reviews will confirm you the same. May be you’re finally ready to pop the question PURCHASING A GEM STONE for you or want your children to remember your eternal love at their birth, graduation or in their wedding day! Whatever the occasion is I know how important they are and certainly has the perfect beneficial stone or jewellery piece be it in Silver or Gold for you to choose from my1000s of gem stones and jewellery pieces I possess. I firmly declare that I am committed to providing the highest level of service that will bring a smile to your face In this world, then, today and tomorrow. It’s nice to meet you.. I believe that every person has the right to feel confident, valued and seen and to have the opportunity for self-expression through their individual life My vision is to present high-quality Beneficial gems and jewelry collections that inspire creativity and celebrate the positive impact each of us holds in being uniquely ourselves. I aspire to give my customers opportunities to find self-expression through their beneficial gems and jewelry. About Contact Us How can we help you today? Our address 80 compass house., PARK STREET London SW6 2FB United Kingdom Open hours Daily 10:00 AM — 7:00 PM Contact info +971585877015 shanetini@btinternet.com